Canucks Fan Gets Boobs Uploaded to the Entire Internet

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.19.11 7 Comments

Near the end of of game 2 between Sharks and Canucks in Vancouver, a blonde woman with pierced nipples and I guess not much else going for her decided to go boobs-to-box and flash San Jose’s Ben Eager during a penalty. Not only is this the kind of amazing happenstance that will be reported on every single website today (including Cute Overload, Post Secret and Is It Christmas), but flashing a guy named “Ben Eager” gives me the most indoor Nerf-hooped pun of all time. That’s like whipping out your junk in front of a lady named Fanny Johnson.

Check out the censored, relatively safe for work version of the video here, because your work hates nipples, but doesn’t mind the entire rest of the boob. The video is brought to you by The Score, and I bet you couldn’t tell after seeing THE SCORE written all over the place and plastered on the lady like they gave birth to her.



This is the best thing to happen to the Canucks since that two years where we all loved Pavel Bure.

If you want to check out the uncensored version (and remember, this would make it not work safe), you can peruse rap and bodybuilding forums (which is the only place people share porn these days) or hit up this random guy’s photobucket before photobucket TOSes him. Failing that, try here.

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