Caps Player Changes Tire For Fans After Losing Game 7

04.29.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

Cute story out of DC, where the Caps blew that game against Montreal to get knocked out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs: A mother and daughter driving home from the game, they hit a pothole and suffered a flat tire. The auto club was backed up, but someone else came through in the clutch, albeit about three hours late. It was Washington Capitals winger Brooks Laich.

Mary Ann asked Brooks — whom she immediately recognized — if he’d just wait with them by the side of the road. Instead, he asked whether they had a spare. Mary Ann said they did. So he took off his jacket — he was still wearing his post-game suit — got out the tire, and started jacking up the car.

“He was like an angel, I’m telling you,” Mary Ann told me. “Can’t say enough nice things about him.”

The tire, however, was less than cooperative.

The jack fell down, and he had to start again. Lorraine stood behind him, mouthing to her mom over and over, “It’s Brooks Laich! It’s Brooks Laich!” Laich was friendly but somber as he worked. Mary Ann — who had never before cared about a sports team — talked about why she liked this group so much, and how they seemed so nice off the ice. –DC Sports Bog.

That’s beautiful, but it’s too bad that the Caps weren’t playing Triple A last night. I hear their goalie is terrible. But honestly, this could be a new development in pro sports. I wonder if I go to a Washington Freedom match if Abby Wambach will show up in the parking lot to give me a jump. “I don’t know…it just went dead on me…Do you think you can help me get it going?” And that’s when the cops would show up. Not so awesome.

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