A Minor League Hockey Team Made Some Incredible Captain America Uniforms


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is gearing up for a new Captain in town, and while Carol Danvers might just be the hero to save the MCU from Thanos, Steve Rogers is the hero getting some love from a minor league hockey team on Saturday night.

Just days before Captain Marvel hits theaters, the Utah Grizzlies are hosting a Marvel night of their own. That’s a celebration of all things superhero, including a special uniform for the minor league hockey team. The ECHL affiliate of the Colorado Avalanche hosted an officially-titled Marvel Super Hero Night, but the jerseys are all Captain America.

Shortly before they took the ice, the team showed off the threads, and while they don’t come with a shield made of an incredible rare Earth metal that doesn’t actually exist, they are pretty snazzy.

There might be a bit of clashing contrast with the usual Grizzlies color palate, but it’s definitely a realistic likeness of what Rogers wears in the comics and now series of movies. No word on whether there will be cheesy patriotic PSAs about defeating nazis to go along with the on-ice show of Captain America love, but we could probably use more of those in real life, so here’s hoping.