Car Backflip? Car Backflip.

Pro Wrestling Editor

Cars are sports, right? They have to be, if they’re backflipping.

Image CPR described this as “the world’s first 360-degree backflip in a car,” and while I’m not sure that’s totally accurate (especially since the car is more like a monster truck than a car, and monster trucks are always flipping), it’s still a guy ramping and backflipping and landing on a gigantic snow incline, so that’s worth watching.

Also worth experiencing are the YouTube comments, because of course they are. Here are my two favorite, juxtaposed for effect.

Conservation of momentum using the engine (if transversely mounted) or rear drivetrain as a counterweight. Accelerating while the car is in the air will cause the counterweight and the car to “push off” of each other. The vast mass differential means they have to rev up pretty high to get any meaningful effect.

For the hearing impared: “vroooooooomvrrrvvroooooom VRrrrrVRRRRRdodododododoDrrrvr­roooooom”

I can’t wait until we learn how to do this without a ramp. Or, I don’t know, we teach the backflipping car how to turn into a robot guy in the middle and shoot a bunch of enemies with a cannon.

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