Cardinals Cut Matt Leinart, Who Made More Headlines With His Penis Than With His Arm

09.04.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

The Arizona Cardinals cut Matt Leinart today. Leinart, who enjoyed a celebrated college career at Southern Cal under Pete Carroll, never found his footing in the NFL after being drafted by the Denny Green regime in Arizona with the 10th overall pick in 2006.

Leinart made headlines after impregnating his college basketball star ex-girlfriend (and clubbing it up in New York City after winning the Heisman), being spotted with Paris Hilton and being seen in photographs at some hottub party. On the field, however, Leinart didn’t do jack; he played in 29 games in four years with the Cardinals. He was injured in 2007 and recovered while Kurt Warner basically stole the job that was set aside for him. And now, after being outplayed by Derek Anderson in training camp (and then whining about it), the organization seems to realize that Leinart is not their guy.

It’s worth noting that Leinart was projected to go No. 1 in the 2005 draft, but decided to return to school for his senior year, and one gets the feeling that if he could have stayed at USC for another three or four years that he would have done so. Some guys in the NFL have the talent to party professionally and play football as a hobby while simply not apply themselves. Leinart was not one of those guys.

It’ll be curious to see if Leinart–who still had two years left on his 6-year, $51 million draft deal–will get picked up by another team not named the Buffalo Bills. Frankly, Leinart is way too sexy for Buffalo. He probably wouldn’t recognize the feel of natural breasts if he had his head buried in them.

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