The Cardinals Traded 2018 First-Round Pick Josh Rosen To The Dolphins

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One major story-line during the 2019 NFL Draft was what the Arizona Cardinals would do with last year’s first-round pick, Josh Rosen, in the event the team did what many anticipated and selected Oklahoma signal caller Kyler Murray first overall. It took one day of the pair being teammates to get an answer, and during the second round of the festivities, Rosen was traded to the Miami Dolphins.

There was plenty of speculation all day about potential moves for Rosen, with the Dolphins getting kicked around as a potential location. Eventually, the two sides agreed to a deal, one which would send Rosen to the AFC along with a future pick for the 62nd selection this year.

The move meant that the Dolphins burned through a whole lot of draft picks to, ultimately, turn into a second-rounder.

Rosen’s rookie campaign wasn’t exactly impressive. In 14 games, 13 of them starts, the former UCLA standout completed 55.2 percent of his passes for 2,278 yards with 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. There are a whole bunch of caveats that came with that — the Cardinals were not a particularly good football team last season, and you’d be hard-pressed to find any rookie QB who would have succeeded there — but any way you cut it, those numbers are not great.

Still, Rosen has all the talent in the world, and while Miami isn’t a quarterback away from winning a Super Bowl or anything like that, it is in a much better spot than the Cardinals were last year. Plus, with veteran signal caller Ryan Fitzpatrick in town, it stands to reason that new Miami coach Brian Flores can take a more conservative approach with Rosen. It’s unfortunate that Rosen’s NFL career has been so tumultuous up to this point, but now, he’s in a place where he can hopefully live up to the expectations that have been on him since he was a high school phenom.