Carlin Isles Is The Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson Of Rugby

Carlin Isles “first caught the attention of the rugby media in summer of 2012 when Rugby Mag dubbed him ‘The Fastest Man in American Rugby.'” That’s what his Wikipedia page says. I’m certainly not part of the “rugby media” — we write about it a lot here at With Leather, but I’m always on the verge of mixing it up with Australian Rules Football or something — so until today, I hadn’t seen a highlight reel of the guy in action.

What I learned today: it’s a great idea to add a sprinter to your rugby team, because he can do those funny Bo Jackson Tecmo Bowl runs where he jogs up and down the field while people lag behind him.

Check it out for yourself:

It’s like they let Air Bud play for their team and the other guys have no idea what to do with it.

Rugby teams should be built this way. Go out and find the most talented freaks you can … super fast guys, really tall guys, extremely fat or strong guys who can knock everybody over. Maybe a gun with a gun for a hand, or a harpoon. You know, just game the system.

[via Reddit]