Carlton’s Toughest Challenge Since Speed

… or at that time when a mugger shot Will at the ATM and Carlton wanted to hunt him for revenge.

Anyway, check out this video of Carlton Banks himself, Alfonso Ribeiro, having a dance-off with “Dancing with the Stars” contestant (and greatest wide receiver of all time) Jerry Rice at the Lake Tahoe Celebrity Golf Tournament. If you’ve ever wanted to see a character from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” do competitive Electric Slide against a football legend, this is your chance. If you still choose to not watch it, I’m sure Sterling Sharpe will eventually get into a Chicken Dance chickenfight with Karyn Parsons at some point during the rest of our lives.

It’s actually kind of a sad performance for Jerry, as Carlton (sorry Alfonso, you’re the “Hootie” of television, I’m calling you Carlton) didn’t even need to bust out his signature dance to send him packing. He didn’t even have to do “The Train”, a dance he learned from his white friend back on “Silver Spoons”. In case you aren’t familiar with Carlton, leave this blog immediately, but not before watching the video you have to include with any mention of Alfonso Ribeiro.

[h/t Flopping Out]