Spectacular Football Failures: Long Before Delhomme And The Dab, There Was The 2001 Carolina Panthers

08.11.16 2 years ago

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There are few things sports fans like debating and discussing than which teams are the best of all-time. Part of what people love about sports is greatness. That’s why we keep hearing about the ’72 Dolphins and the ’85 Bears and the Niners of the ’90s and the Patriots of the ’00s. The great teams are the ones that stretch across history, that will live on forever.

Not every franchise gets to be great, though. Some teams are condemned to not just mediocrity, not just run-of-the-mill badness, but infamy. By the nature of things, there are teams that have to be the worst of all-time. That’s just a cruel fact of life.

As we gear up for another NFL season, we decided to chronicle some of those teams that are amongst the worst to ever take the field. We are not here to lampoon these teams for their incompetence. No, we are here to try and chronicle how things went so horribly wrong.

Up next, the team quarterbacked by a 29-year-old rookie, the 2001 Carolina Panthers. Previously, the 2008 Detroit Lions.

For only being around for about 20 years, the Carolina Panthers have a pretty impressive history. They’ve already participated in two Super Bowls, including last season.

Expansion teams often struggle. It’s to be expected. But this team hit the ground running from the start. The Panthers went 7-9 their first year. That’s the best season ever for an expansion team in the NFL. In their second season, they went 12-4 and made it all the way to the NFC title game. It was nuts, and a lot of fun. Things did not stay quite so wonderful for the Panthers, though.

In 2001, things got really bad. They went 1-15.

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