04.25.07 11 years ago 9 Comments

With the Wizards' season all but ended, DC Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg has turned his investigative lens to Caron Butler's habit of chewing straws (video above).

[W]hile talking to Butler, we unveiled our wares: about 10 straws, collected from a variety of local eateries. We had hoped he might sample them. But we underestimated his palate. I quickly felt like a heel, like I had just offered Robert Parker a chilled bottle of Corbett Canyon.

"I did all these before," he said, clearly bored. "This is a McDonald's straw," he continued, seizing the one McDonald's straw in our collection and pocketing it. There were no markings on the wrapper, no colors, nothing to suggest McDonald's. It was remarkable. He's a straw savant.

Not to be all Mr. Media Analyzer here, but these kinds of interviews are precisely why bloggers represent a sea change in media.  The Wizards don't stand a chance in this series, so Agent Steinz can either (a) seek out "We still got a chance" quotes for a rote story, or (b) go in-depth on a player's unusual habit.  It keeps the subject of sports fun and interesting, even when the outcome is already determined.  I'd do the same thing, if I could just afford to leave my parents' basement.

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