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There are few things enjoyed strictly by white people more than hockey and country music, so it makes sense for country musicians to date hockey players.  Like that one time the chick with the boobs dated that guy with the skates.  Now the latest word is that Carrie Underwood is hooking up with the Senators Mike Fisher. Just Jared says:

Carrie watched the game from the VIP box with Fisher’s family, including his younger brother Bud. She was shown on the big Jumbotron screen’s “Hug Cam” throughout the game as she hugged the two people sitting next to her.

Pretty boring, right?  Anyway, here are some photos of her from last year’s Country Music Awards.  Note that she’s sprinkled with gold dust, as God made her.  And OH MY GOD THE STATUE IS A METAPHOR FOR A PENIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I bet she enjoys touching and kissing penises!!!!  C’mon everybody!  This is no time to be mature!  There are oral sex jokes to make!

(Now with bonus photo of sexy wax figure!  In a related story, I’ve volunteered to work the night shift at Madame Tussaud’s. **puts Marvin Gaye record on**)

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