The Arizona Cardinals Twitter Account Trolled Their Own Team

Oh, Arizona. On a day when the Cardinals could not have played any worse, we should all give them a little credit for poking fun at themselves with the above tweet. Everyone likes a gracious loser, and it’s hard to act like anything else when your team can’t hold on to the football for more than four plays at a time. But in true Cardinals’ fashion, they didn’t even do it right.

Carson Palmer threw four interceptions and lost two fumbles, putting the Cardinals on the other end of the worst NFC playoff performance since Jake Delhomme’s six turnover performance for the Panthers in 2009. Another fumble by Patrick Peterson brought the Cardinals total up to seven turnovers in the game, leaving them virtually no chance of toppling the #1 seed in the NFC.

That’s a rought day at the office but if they really wanted to elicit some sympathy, they should have done it by–ah, there it is!

That’s the stuff.

Better luck next year, Cardinals. Of course, by then Crying Jordan will hopefully have been replaced by a new meme. Who knows what it’ll be, but we’re betting the Cardinals will make sure they do it right the next time they find themselves on the wrong end of a beat down.