Carson Palmer’s Selling His House

02.10.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

Cincinnati quarterback and frequent injury recipient Carson Palmer has clearly stated that he doesn’t want to play with the Bengals anymore by demanding a trade, and he’s now taking the next step in Operation: Palmer Leaves Cincy (that’s what I’d call it if I was him): putting his house on the market.

According to Cincinnati TV station WCPO, Palmer is making preparations to put his home on the real estate market by March. A real estate agent who talked to Palmer today, told WCPO that the QB is “not coming back.” –USA Today.

This incredibly predictable step in the always popular “trade-me-NOW” strategy will probably get attention and probably push the Bengals in the direction of giving some other team their declining, aging quarterback. It’s similar to the Donovan McNabb situation in that Palmer’s leaving a team he’s spent his whole career with due to his lack of effectiveness and such.

Unlike McNabb, however, the Bengals probably won’t trade within their division and show total disrespect in saying that Palmer’s totally useless, but that’s mainly because the other teams in the AFC North (Steelers, Browns, Ravens) have their quarterback identity figured out at this point, and Palmer won’t willingly be a backup. Off the top of my head, possible destinations right now could include the 49ers, Dolphins and Cardinals, but it seems like the vast majority of teams in the NFL right now don’t need him. There’s always the CFL, bro. With that lovely beard, you’d fight right in with the rest of them.

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