Discovery Is Finally Bringing Back Ben Bailey And ‘Cash Cab’

06.06.17 11 months ago 2 Comments


One of the all-time great game shows is finally returning to the airwaves as Discovery will be bringing Cash Cab back later this year, and comedian Ben Bailey will be behind the wheel once again. Cash Cab aired over 200 episodes from 2005 to 2012 before going off air, but after a five year absence it is making its triumphant return.

Bailey took to Twitter on Monday to confirm the reports that he would be back at the helm of the Cash Cab.

For those that don’t remember the general premise, unsuspecting contestants that hop in the Cash Cab in New York City must answer trivia questions from when they’re picked up to when they’re dropped off, earning money as they go. They are able to get one street shoutout, to ask a random person on the sidewalk for help, as well as a phone call to a friend for assistance. If they miss three questions, they’re booted out of the cab before they get to their stop.

As of now, there isn’t an official release date for Cash Cab‘s return to Discovery other than it being later in 2017, but for those in New York City (or visiting there) the dream of hopping in a cab and seeing Ben Bailey ready to ask you trivia questions is alive and well once again.

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