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ROWR!  HISSSS!!!  Buckle up, everybody, IndyCar competitors Danica Patrick and Milka Duno had an altercation in Ohio this weekend, when speed princess Danica didn't like fiery Latina Milka's slowocity on the track.  Tempers flared, and the passion was undeniable.

“She came to my team and our pit box in a very bad way with bad words,” Duno said. “If you come in a nice way, perfect, we can talk. If you come in a bad way, you are going to find my bad side. I don’t like drama, and I told her ‘go away, you are not welcome.’.”

Patrick said she didn’t regret her action… “Unfortunately, things involving me tend to evolve. I’m on the hot seat when I do something and when others do something (connected to me). It’s kind of the line that I walk because I’m popular.”

Duno acknowledged she was struggling in her first Indy-car event at the track, but she issued a warning to Patrick… I don’t like the show she likes in every race weekend,” Duno said. “She can push the guys because they cannot do anything to her, but she cannot push me… I know if somebody pushes me and finds my bad side they are going to get a problem.”

You know what would make this better?  If we had video of Danica approaching Milka, then Milka getting bitchy and throwing a towel at Danica, then Danica swearing at Milka after she walks away.  Oh wait a second, WE DO. 

Eh, needs more hair-pulling and clothes-tearing and passionate, angry lesbian sex.

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