CBS Miami Reporter Samantha Rivera Stiff-Armed A Vegas Fan Trying To Get In Her Shot After Game 2

The Vegas Golden Knights took a 2-0 lead in the Stanley Cup Final on Monday, dominating the Florida Panthers in Game 2 in a 7-2 win to put the Panthers’ backs against the wall as the series shifts to South Florida.

The most impressive performance of the night by anyone from Florida in T-Mobile Arena came in the stands, not on the ice, as CBS Miami reporter Samantha Rivera delivered her stand-up from the arena after the loss. As Rivera looked to roll the highlights, a Vegas fan tried to jump into her shot and Rivera, without missing a beat, delivered a tremendous stiff arm to the fan to get him out of the shot and went straight into the highlights.

It was an impressive display of poise from Rivera, who clearly has had drunk fans try to disrupt her shots before. She knew exactly how to handle it, just pushing him away and going straight back to her report. The stiff arm even caught the attention of the NFL, which tweeted out a comparison of Rivera tossing aside the fan and Derrick Henry doing the same to a defensive back.

Stand-up reports by yourself can be tricky, particularly when you are trying to do them where fans are because some can’t help but see a camera and try to get in the shot. However, beware of doing that around Rivera because you might end up catching a stiff arm.