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Some of the suspect video direction of March Madness was highlighted on Friday during the Wisconsin-Florida State game when the feed to that came was cut and replaced by another game–while a Wisconsin shot hung in the air. XM’s Chris Russo asked CBS executive VP Mike Aresco about the fuggup, among other things:

On cutting away during the final shot in regulation in Friday night’s Wisconsin-Florida State game:

Russo: “Friday night, ball is in the air, Wisconsin, the ball is in the air…”

Aresco: “That was a control room error.”

Russo: “How do we not see that ball, whether it goes in or not, last play in regulation?”

Aresco: “Yeah, it was just a control room [error]. These things happen. They’re rare but they do happen. It was a control room error.”

I blame the Big Ten. They ruin everything.

|via Neil Best’s blog at Newsday|

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