Celebrate Retired Fighter Genki Sudo’s Birthday With His Best Moments

03.06.15 3 years ago
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March 8 will be Genki “The Neo-Samurai” Sudo’s 37th birthday. While that isn’t a particularly momentous milestone, Sudo himself is worth celebrating at any time. The retired fighter is perhaps the most entertaining person in combat sports, both in and out of the ring.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at some of his outstanding moments.

Grappling Roots

Sudo began martial arts when he started Greco-Roman wrestling in high school. From there, he moved on to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, eventually achieving the rank of black belt. I’m unsure of what he was back in 2001, during this submission grappling tournament, but it seems pretty apparent that Sudo is more skilled than his opposition.

genki grapple


He still pulls off some incredibly slick moves, especially his numerous flying triangles. Those transitions are fantastic, and that calf slicer at the end is insane. I don’t care if he’s grappling with mannequins, he’s so fluid with his movements, it’s amazing.

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