Celebrate Ric Flair’s 65th Birthday With This Two-Hour Collection Of His Amazing Promos

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02.25.14 16 Comments

On this day, 65 years ago in the glorious city of Memphis by God Tennessee, Richard Morgan Fliehr was born and along with him the future of professional wrestling. At the age of 23, he’d adopt the moniker that would stick with him for life as one of the most charismatic and beloved (or loathed) wrestling personalities, and Ric Flair would go on to become a household name for his trademark “WOO!” and that strut that the majority of blue-blooded American men have imitated at least once in their lives.

In lieu of a long-winded tribute to Flair, because nobody needs to remind us of how awesome Flair has always been at cutting a promo or putting on a show in the ring, I’m just going to post these two hour-long video montages of Flair’s promos from 1985 and 1986. How these videos barely have more than 110,000 views combined is beyond me, as I think I’m responsible for half of them, and if I weren’t so certain that the WWE and other companies might want to delete them from YouTube, I’d demand a full-scale investigation. But since I think we should all watch these videos and appreciate a great wrestling personality, I’ll hold off on the witch hunt for now.

Happy birthday, Nature Boy.

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