Celebrate The First Round Of The 2014 NFL Draft With This Vintage Brett Favre Photo

People have been Tweeting this photo like crazy today, and I’m pretty sure they’ll Tweet it plenty tomorrow and Saturday as well. Hell, I can remember it being Tweeted like crazy last year and the year before, too. The bottom line is that this photo of Brett Favre getting the NFL Draft call from the Atlanta Falcons in his bedroom in Fenton, Mississippi back on April 21, 1991 is one of the greatest sports photos ever taken. Hell, it’s one of the greatest photos ever taken, period. If aliens come across this planet several thousand years from now and all they find is an apocalyptic wasteland with no signs of life, I pray that they at least find this photo in a capsule so they understand how boss the 90s were.

Between the white t-shirt tucked into the jean shorts with the tight roll and his friends hanging out with their airbrushed tees and rolled up sleeves, I’m pretty sure that my rat tail just started growing back. In fact, let’s go ahead and break out the only appropriate GIFs I can think of.