Stay Classy, Celtics Fans

Senior Writer
06.08.12 7 Comments

The Miami Heat came hard. LeBron James told everyone who called him “un-clutch” or “non-clutch” or “that dude who doesn’t win sh*t” to kiss his ass. The Eastern Conference Finals are now tied at 3 after the Boston Celtics laid down like speed bumps, and everyone who thought it was a done deal for the Celtics is now back-tracking in the worst way, including the most loyal Celtics fans.

The fans at the Jungle spent money. They expected a win. When it didn’t happen, they became… well, sports fans.

As James left the court with his 45 points and 15 rebounds, some Celtics fans let him know exactly how they felt. By that, I mean they dumped a beer on him.

I’ve been teetering on which team I’ve wanted to win the ECF for a few days now. And I know I picked the Heat to win the whole thing even though I loathe James and Dwyane Wade. But grow the f*ck up, Celtics fans. You’ve been there before. Now, you really make me want the Heat to win Game 7.

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