CFL Fantasy Football? It’s About Time

04.12.10 9 years ago 12 Comments

Matt Brown is now my favorite person ever; he and three others are starting the first online fantasy football league for the CFL. The stats-based game for the Canadian Football League will feature eight-team leagues that run much like its American counterparts.

Brown has founded the fantasy league — — with his brothers (Aaron and Dan), Lee Garinger (who handles many of the business-oriented matters) and Aaron Cook (a computer programmer). Cook is providing his expertise for free.

“We were shocked that he would do it,’’ Matt Brown said. “We wanted a top-quality site and only a few people can do that type of programming. In his words, ‘We’re building the car. You guys can drive it.’ ’’ –Calgary Herald.

The downside? It costs $80 to start a league. I don’t care. I’m doing it. And then I’m rigging the draft so that I can take Ricky Ray first over all. Oh, Ricky, we’re finally going to be together. See, it’s not creepy at all if he’s Canadian.

Individual players will be drafted, with the exception being quarterbacks.

In the case of that position, the quarterbacks from each team will be considered an entity. Anyone who drafts the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ quarterbacks, for example, would end up with the combined fantasy totals for Darian Durant and anyone else who ends up behind centre…

Screw that. But what else should I have expected from a country that tries to give away health insurance yet charges eighty bucks for fantasy football. What an ass-backwards country. Thanks for nothing, Canada.

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