04.03.08 10 years ago 18 Comments

In case you missed Chad Johnson's interview on SportsCenter last night, here it is in all of its awkward glory.  Johnson, who has subtly hinted that he wants out of Cincinnati by doing things like posing in front of a Redskins "85" jersey and saying he wants out of Cincinnati, gave the phone interview to address coach Marvin Lewis's statement that the team was ready to move on without Johnson.  The result — especially the final minute and a half or so — is as awkward as an Arrested Development scene or trying to tell someone you have gonorrhea, so they should probably get tested.  Or so I would imagine.

You know what this blog needs?  More stories about Bengals wide receivers.  Up next on With Leather: Why isn't TJ Houshmandzadeh more controversial?  An all-new controversy. 

Funny UPDATE: Chad Johnson at the drive-thru 

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