Chad Johnson Explains How He Used Teammates’ Urine To Heal Injuries

Chad Johnson, the former NFL and CFL wide receiver also known as Ochocinco, appeared on ESPN’s Mike and Mike show on Wednesday morning to talk about what we can only assume was a wide range of topics. We say that only because we hope Chad was on the show for reasons besides urine-related remedies for bumps and bruises. Regardless, that was touched upon, as you see above.

Johnson would apparently go around asking his teammates to fill a bucket with urine, which he would then heat up and use to soak a sprained ankle. Leaving aside how awkward that conversation might have been, let’s try to figure out just why he would do such a thing.

A quick Google search of “urine therapy” turned up a couple of sites that recommend drinking urine to cure (among other conditions) cancer and diabetes, but none that recommended soaking body parts in urine to assist in healing sprains. Another Google search of “urine feet soaking” (our suggested searches will not be pleasant after this) posits the practice as a treatment for dry and calloused feet. So wherever Chad got his idea, it probably wasn’t from the internet.

The only idea we have is that if indeed Johnson heated up his teammates’ urine, then the hot liquid — regardless of its composition — helped the joint loosen up like a heating pad. We’d buy that, but again, it really does not need to be urine, Chad. We hope that you think long and hard about whoever told you to do that and whether they have your best interests at heart.