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Bengals wideout Chad Ochocinco can’t stop being himself; during what was presumably a team trip to the movie theater to see G.I.Joe: The Rise Of Cobra, Ocho decided to take pictures of the movie and give a running commentary on the plot on Twitter, which I thought was hilarious…until I realized he was committing what I think should be a felony in all 50 states: using a cell phone in a movie theater.

I tweeted back to him, and then…oh, no! I’ve made myself part of the story! Oh, you don’t like that? Get your own damn blog. Anyway, I alerted him to his breach of proper movie etiquette (while calling him a bad name, for which I later apologized), and Chad was good enough to get back to me, citing what I believe was the cause of his bad manners:

OGOchoCinco @PUNTE my bad vagina!!!!

[about 1 hour ago from TwitterFon in reply to PUNTE]

In short, Ocho apologized for using his phone in a movie theater. By sending an apology through his phone. While he was in a movie theater. I think my head just exploded, which, from what I hear, would have been better than anything in that G.I.Joe movie. But seriously, if somebody murdered another person in a movie theater for using a cell phone, no jury would convict that person. And the studios wonder why nobody wants to see movies in theaters anymore.

So now you know. And knowing’s half the battle.

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