Chad Ochocinco Loves Kids…But Not Black Women?

06.02.10 8 years ago 16 Comments

If you’ve been around this site for any time at all, you’ll notice that we’re not as high on Bengals wideout Chad Ochocinco as the rest of the world is. That’s partly because the guy plays for my favorite team, and that his production has fallen as his national profile has risen. But I still appreciate the fact that he made time to hang out with Ruben St. Hilaire, a homeless boy in New York.

Ochocinco and Deion Sanders found out that one of Ruben’s dreams was to go to a football camp. Now he’s going to one of the most exclusive camps in the country, with a price tag ranging from $400-$760, prohibitive to Ruben and his mother. Sanders donated a spot in one of his camps to Ruben, and Mr. Chad Johnson was on hand at the Children Mending Hearts Gala to present young Ruben with the award. To top it all off, it was Ruben’s birthday, and Chad led the entire crowd in singing happy birthday. –Cincy Jungle.

But then there was this fun story involving the “Dancing With The Stars” contestant and his new reality show, where he acts like Bret Michaels did in “Rock of Love,” except that Chad doesn’t have to wear a wig.

Some (alleged) emails about the production of the show have reached the light of day, and they seem more than a little disparaging.

The premise of the emails, most notably posted on, accuse Ochocinco of virtually hand-picking the 17 women under consideration for the show. More specifically, the NFL wideout is accused in the emails of attempting to eliminate any black women from the show before the first episode airs. –via Sports By Brooks.

Look, I don’t possess any blinding insight about interracial dating. I dated a Filipino girl once who had huge boobs. There was really no point to that comment; I’m just putting that out there. But honestly, a reality show with 17 white girls sounds boring as hell. Unscripted television shows with, uh, diverse casts are huge ratings boons. Look at all the fine work done by the stars of “Maury,” “COPS,” and “Charm School.” When you discriminate, you only hurt yourself. Unless you’re with this girl:

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