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Bengals wideout Chad Whatzisname is on a mission to prove that his ludicrous antics were nothing more than a precursor to the bullsh that he’s going to pull in 2009. Ochocinco, who put up almost-career-low stats last season (540 yards, 4 touchdowns), was asked about his frequent use of Twitter during an interview by KGOW radio in Houston. From Sports Radio Interviews:

I have my own application coming out where people will be able to interact and follow me. You know more than through just the keyboard and reading my messages – you’ll actually be able to follow me and when the season starts, it’s going to get even worse. I’m going to really make it fun. I’m using Twitter during games, during halftime, after the games. I’m going to be taking it to the next level.”

I’m so tired of this prick. I get that some people find his personality to be an asset to the game, but when you can’t back it up on the field, it’s best for everyone involved to just button it until you can. YOU CAUGHT FEWER BALLS LAST YEAR THAN KEVIN FREAKING WALTER FOR THE TEXANS. Go to camp. Study film. I don’t know, maybe MAKE AN EFFORT TO IMPROVE. Quit trying to be Dennis Rodman. One Dennis Rodman is one too many, anyway.

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