Chael Sonnen Is A Man Without An Opponent

As he has made clear several dozen times in the past few years, Chael Sonnen would really like to fight Wanderlei Silva. And according to a recent video made by Silva himself, he’d really like to fight Sonnen, too, so he can finally shut him up. But according to UFC President Dana White, Silva isn’t as eager to hop in the octagon with Sonnen as he may seem, because he apparently wants a cut of any Pay-Per-View money, and White naturally won’t negotiate such nonsense.

So until that gets worked out, Sonnen simply doesn’t have anyone to fight that’s worth his time, and that sucks because he’d really like to get back to writing his classic poetry.

“I know (Antonio Rogerio) ‘Lil Nog’ (Nogueira) is going to fight with ‘Shogun,’ so he’s off the table, and the real side of it, too, is that I just got done,” he said. “I just got out of the ring exactly one week ago, so I started back for practice today. It was my first time breaking a sweat, and from here on, I’m back at it.

“But I don’t have any opponent. I’d really like to be part of the 20th anniversary show. I’m really looking to be part of the St-Pierre (vs.) Hendricks card.” (Via MMA Junkie)

Or, and this is just me using a little common sense and elbow grease, White, Sonnen and Silva are trying to figure out if the fight would be better as the co-main event of that anniversary show or at the year-end show, because it really seems like they all want this to happen. Otherwise, Silva is just being a big, old douchebag in this video:

Regardless, Sonnen should respond immediately, because it gets pretty boring when he’s not stirring sh*t up.