Chael Sonnen Threw MMA Under The Bus To Help Promote Grudge Match

If you ever wondered, “‘rasslin” in Spanish is “telecatch.”

If you missed Grudge Match back on Christmas when it was released, here’s a plot synopsis: Sylvester Stallone was in a famous boxing movie and so was Robert De Niro, so we’re gonna put them in a boxing movie together and make them box even though they’re both 70, and also Kevin Hart is here because it’s a movie made in 2013 and he has to be in f*cking everything. ENTICING, RIGHT?

To help promote Grudge Match to an international audience, UFC character actor Chael Sonnen showed up in a commercial that SOMEBODY thought was a great idea. In it, Stallone and De Niro call MMA fighters “girls,” and when Sonnen stands up to them they punch him in the face, knock him backwards through a table and non-chalantly walk away. Because … uh, MMA fighters are girls? Were they supposed to be right?

Watch in wonder as Chael completely throws MMA under the bus:

Now that I watch it again, that is pretty much how every Chael Sonnen fight goes. He shows up, makes some challenges, runs his mouth and then gets beaten. At least Grudge Match got something right. All this clip needs is Kevin Hart showing up and going DAAYYYYYYYMM!