Chael Sonnen Trash Talk Watch: The People’s Champ Called Shogun ‘Dead Wood’

On Saturday night, the UFC will kick off a new era of sports television with the promotion’s debut on the much-hyped Fox Sports 1 network, which will supposedly attempt to give the folks in Bristol a run for their debate-embracing money. UFC Fight Night will come to us live at 6 PM ET with five hours of free fights to break the new network in properly, and just to make sure that we’re entertained in the days leading up to this event, Chael Sonnen will fight Mauricio Rua in the main event.

Sonnen’s standard trash talk is already underway over at Fox Sports, as the American Gangster (and loser of his last two fights*) is delivering a series of sonnets directed at Shogun, and his latest calls out his opponent for, among other things, lacking patriotism. And I can’t really do it justice by trying to describe it, so read for yourself this excellent Poetry Slam from Chael P. Sonnet.

*Of course, those last two fights were title shots in two different weight classes against the UFC’s two greatest champs (at the time) in Jon Jones and Anderson Silva, but it’s still fun to pretend like Chael is a mouthy loser. After this poem, I hope he wins on Saturday.