As Expected, Chael Sonnen And Wanderlei Silva Stole The Show At Bellator’s PPV Press Conference

03.28.17 12 months ago

We’re right back into the feud that dominated 2014 —Chael Sonnen vs. Wanderlei Silva. To some, Bellator president Scott Coker is heading to a well most thought was dry, but Bellator seems to be going the Entertainment over Sport way, and who can blame them?

This right here is fun. Neither of these men are looking for a title belt. They’re at the ends of their careers and they have a grudge to settle, and damn it if they’re not going to promote the hell out of it like only they (Chael) can. Here’s a choice exchange that went down near the beginning of the press conference, starting with Chael (everything always starts with Chael P. Sonnen):

“We’re beaming him in via satellite. We could have used satellite technology to point it somewhere in the world to pick and predict weather patterns and protect people’s lives. Instead we’ve got Wanderlei Silva coming to us from a men’s shelter bathroom in Brazil. I find it a little bit weird.”

To which Wanderlei replied: “He just talks, all the time, just talks and talks and talks I hope you’re training more than you’re talking, because if you’re like you were in the last fight, man, I’m gonna beat you so fast.”

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