Chael Sonnen Was Right, Wanderlei Silva Won’t Fight Him At UFC 175

UFC’s resident loudmouth and charismatic A-hole Chael Sonnen told us over and over that Wanderlei Silva, his rival coach from The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3, would never fight him. He poked and poked the 37-year old Brazilian to make their feud that much better, but now it seems that Sonnen was right, and the fight that would never happen is still never going to happen. Silva has been dropped from the card at UFC 175, which takes place on July 5, because he never submitted his application to fight in Nevada, and he also wouldn’t take his mandatory drug test. I’m told by my sources close to common sense that those two things are sort of frowned upon.

Now, Sonnen will go from what was probably a guaranteed win against the aging, basically washed up Silva to probably a guaranteed loss against a really pissed off steamroller named Vitor Belfort. Winner of his last three fights (all earning KO of the Night honors) since losing his Light Heavyweight title shot against Jon Jones, Belfort was supposed to face UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman at UFC 175, but couldn’t because of Nevada’s refusal to allow testosterone replacement therapy. But he has openly complained that he should still be fighting Weidman in July, so it looks like he’s settling for a quick and easy fight against Sonnen before locking down his shot at the winner of Weidman and Lyoto Machida.

Honestly, the whole thing’s a confusing mess, made all the more confusing by the fact that Sonnen was not only right about something, but now he once again finds himself in a position to claim that a win should earn him a title shot. Just for poops and giggles, Sonnen should be forced to fight in his white sandals, because that’s probably the most Chael Sonnen thing ever.