Charles Barkley On Michael Jordan: ‘Black People Don’t Play Beer Pong’

11.19.13 5 years ago 15 Comments

Michael Jordan pong

“Black people don’t play beer pong, you think they got beer pong in the hood?”

That was NBA legend and TNT analyst Charles Barkley’s response to undoubtedly the happiest and most excited TMZ camera man on Earth, as he asked the always candid Barkley his thoughts on Michael Jordan’s widely publicized game of beer pong last weekend at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in South Beach.

Barkley’s stellar insight may actually explain why Jordan was blatantly cheating with his elbow at least a foot past the edge of the table, but I’m going to stand by my assertion that Jordan’s arrogance simply knows no bounds and he thinks he can get away with violating the sacred rules of beer pong and pretend he doesn’t know. It’s like I always say – never trust a 50-year old man who wears jeans like this.

Side Note: That “Aight, no doubt” at the end has had me laughing for 20 minutes.

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