Charles Barkley Claims The NBA Is ‘The Worst It’s Ever Been’

How are you enjoying this current era of the NBA, basketball fan? Noted Shut Up and Jam advocate Charles Barkley would like you to know that basketball’s extra bad these days, so, uh, be sure to tune in to Inside the NBA, sports fans!

As noted by Pro Basketball Talk‘s Dane Carbaugh, Sir Charles took issue with the current NBA landscape with a list of grievances. Despite the lack of Monstar attacks over the past few decades, Barkley found time to take issue with parity, the value of the three-pointer and tall guy conservation efforts.

If you look at the NBA now, it’s the worst it’s ever been, in my opinion. Everybody want to use analytics, everybody want to shoot threes. Threes are great if you have a Steph Curry, a Klay Thompson, guys like that … But now, if you look around the NBA, everybody is trying to go small. We got a bunch of guys shooting threes who are not good shooters. Now we’re trying to to relegate the big man out of the game.

If you look at the big picture — and this ain’t no ‘old guy hating on the young guys’ — the NBA is the worst it’s ever been, top to bottom. We got one or two, three or four good teams, and the rest of the teams stink.

HOW DARE HE! *looks at Eastern Conference* Okay, maybe he has a point on the consolidation of power in the National Basketball Association being an issue, but as Carbaugh helpfully notes, it’s not like dominant teams are anything new.

How do you feel about Barkley’s take on the state of the NBA? Is the league the worst it’s ever been? (Correct Answer: No.) Provide your verdict in the comments.

(Via Pro Basketball Talk)