Charles Barkley Tells Nick Saban The Only Good Thing About Golf Is ‘Drinking And Smoking’

08.08.16 3 years ago

Despite the fact that Charles Barkley attended Auburn back in the day, the Inside the NBA host has developed an affection for Alabama head football coach Nick Saban. Now, thanks to, the two were able to sit down and have a conversation about topics ranging from Barkley’s golf game to Saban’s biggest regrets over the years.

Regarding Barkley’s infamous inability to swing a club correctly, the former NBA All-Star told Saban that there was only two good things about getting out onto the course.

I don’t like talking about golf, golf is not my favorite. The only thing good about golf is drinking and smoking.

After Saban said he still believed Chuck could work out his hitch, Barkley offered him a grand prize if he figured out the solution.

You know I think you’re an amazing coach. If you could fix my golf game, I’d put a statue of you at my house.

The crux of the interview though was the two talking about Saban and his disciplining methods. Barkley told the Bama head coach that he appreciated the fact that he gave young black men second chances after they made mistakes instead of suspending them or kicking them off the team.

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