The Charles Barkley Price Is Right Appearance, Or “What The Hell Happened To The Price Is Right”

Pro Wrestling Editor
02.22.13 4 Comments

Charles Barkley showed up as part of ‘The Price Is Right’s’ second-annual “Celebrity Charity Week” alongside such luminaries as Demi Lovato and two of the four dudes from 98 Degrees, and while it’s cool to 1) be on ‘The Price Is Right’ and 2) win money for charity, what the hell is going on with ‘The Price Is Right?’

I know Drew Carey took over and shrank, but the last time I watched the show it was basically the same. Did the crowd shrink to parallel Drew? Is this “stand in front of a video screen and just make up shit” game part of Celebrity Charity Week only (because Demi Lovato doesn’t have the physical dexterity for Plinko or whatever)? Are there still beauties and Holes In One Or Two and such? This is terrifying. Is the entire effort fruitless if it doesn’t end with Bob Barker demanding the genitals of our pets? It’s like I’m watching a CD-Rom of a thrown-together ‘Price Is Right’ game.

See for yourself:

At least there was one really good part of that appearance.

Never forget.

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