Charles Barkley Doesn’t Give A Damn If He Swears On Live TV

02.13.15 3 years ago

Charles Barkley doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about you, he doesn’t care about me and he certainly doesn’t care about swearing on live television. On Thursday night’s TNT’s pre-game broadcast, Barkley got worked up after David Aldridge said the Sacramento Kings consulted Demarcus Cousins before hiring George Karl. That sent Chuck over the edge.

“Why are they discussing it with him is my point? Yeah, I’m totally disgusted with that. He ain’t done nothing to deserve that time of power. He hasn’t done enough to deserve that kind of power. They stink. Why would you give a guy that young that type of power.”

That’s just total bullshit man!”

Say what you will about Barkley, the dude is pretty damn honest. Perhaps a little too honest at times. As to whether Cousins deserves to be consulted about a new coach? Meh. If your max player isn’t happy with the coach, you’re likely going to have some big problems down the road.

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