‘Krazy Horse’ Bennett’s Return To Japan Included A 7 Second KO And Backstage Brawl With Wanderlei Silva

Say what you will about the controversial Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett, but there’s never a dull moment when he’s around. The heavy-fisted brawler used to be a Japanese favorite back in the 2005 PRIDE Fighting Championship days, but almost non-stop issues with the law and a lack of discipline in training put his career into a tailspin.

After a three year break from professional competition, Krazy Horse has now returned and he’s doing pretty well, going 4-2 since his comeback with the most recent win being a 7 second victory over Minoru Kimura at last night’s RIZIN Fighting Federation in Japan. Bennett’s antics were on full display during the fight, including his classic smacktalk during the faceoff and his post victory backflip. This time he also added this interesting display of post-victory happiness:

There was some classic Krazy Horse drama dredged back up as well. Back in 2005, Bennett and Wanderlei Silva’s Chute Boxe corner got into a backstage altercation in PRIDE that ended with Bennett getting choked out. Legend has it Bennett regained consciousness and immediately knocked Wanderlei Silva out in retaliation. You can hear Krazy Horse repeating that claim in the video above.

The two almost got into another fight at the hotel leading up to RIZIN and had to be separated by event staff. So you could say tensions remained hot. So after beating Kimura (who had Wanderlei in his corner for the fight introductions), of course Krazy Horse had to call out Wanderlei in the ring.

“Where’s Candy-lei? Candy-lei!” he said on the mic. “For the record, you know what happened in 2005. That’s why you’re still sore. That’s why you wanna get some today. But you can’t get some unless you put it on contract. We put it on contract, then you can get some. Other than that, every time your big steroid-head ass sees me … I’m a n***er, and I run fast!”

Wanderlei didn’t seem too interested in waiting. Based on this tweet from Combate Americas promoter Campbell McLaren, the two brawled it up backstage once again later that night:

You can watch more of Krazy Horse’s antics in this highlight video: