‘It’s Always Sunny’s’ Charlie Day Popped Up At An ASU Game As Green Man

When you have a spare Charlie Day kicking around, it makes sense to put him to work. Ideally, as a way to frustrate student-athletes at the charity stripe.

Arizona State’s infamous Curtain of Distraction served as an unlikely Lazarus Pit for It’s Always Sunny mascot Green Man late Wednesday night. For those unfamiliar, the Curtain of Distraction is a curtain that opens up and aims to distract the opposing school when they’ve got free throws to hit. Caught up? Fantastic!

Day, who’s been on a media blitz for his new motion picture Fist Fight, donned Green Man garb to help get into the heads of Cal players. This celebrity-enhanced bit of mind games didn’t damage Cal’s psyche enough for Arizona State to emerge victorious (they got crushed 68-43 in Tempe), but there are certainly worse consolation prizes for a home side than having Charlie Day wiggle in green Lycra for your benefit. Dude even managed to inspire a miss from a Golden Bear player.

Arizona State currently sits in the less glamorous part of the Pac-12 standings with an 11-14 record. Is there anything in the NCAA rulebook that prohibits Fight Milk? Bring in the crows, we say!

(Via For The Win)