Charlie Sheen + Brian Wilson = BFF

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02.21.11 4 Comments

If you’re the general manager of a baseball franchise, there are a few things that you’d probably rather not hear, like your star first baseman was arrested for DUI, or your ace is dating Alyssa Milano, or Lady Gaga wants to visit the clubhouse. But I suppose those examples are small potatoes compared to “Your star closer, who is already tip-toeing the fine line between incredibly awesome and batsh*t crazy, is hanging out with Charlie Sheen.” Sure enough, San Francisco Giants reliever Brian Wilson was a guest of honor at a dude party thrown by Sheen over the weekend, and I assume my invite was lost in the mail.

Of course TMZ was hidden in Wilson’s fantastic beard, so they had some video footage and details:

TMZ obtained video of Charlie and Brian arriving at Van Nuys airport on Friday. Sources close to the actor tell TMZ, Charlie flew on a private jet earlier that day to pick up the Giants closer in Arizona — where the team is holding spring training.

We’re told the trip was all for a brief male bonding session at Charlie’s pad — where Charlie, Brian, and several other ball players watched movies and chilled for several hours.

TMZ also claims that the party was simply “Rated R” which I assume means the centaur porn was orgy-free. Actually, Charlie hosted a private screening of Major League for Wilson and some other MLB players, but I think it’s safe to assume there were strippers involved, since Sheen uses them as throw pillows.

As for the other players in attendance, TMZ doesn’t say. But seeing as it is Charlie Sheen, I’m sure the list of names is currently more sought after than the Mitchell Report.

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