Charlie Sheen Is Mad Online At The Idiot Indians For Not Letting Him Throw Out A First Pitch

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UPDATE: So, maybe Sheen is headed to Cleveland to throw out a first pitch? Or maybe he’s just headed to Cleveland:


One of Charlie Sheen’s most famous film roles is Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn in the movie Major League, about a ragtag Cleveland Indians team that makes an unlikely run at the pennant to defy the wishes of their evil owner to move the team to Miami. The real-world Indians aren’t exactly a ragtag bunch, and they don’t have an evil owner hell-bent on moving the team (Miami’s taken now anyway), but they did win the AL Pennant, and Sheen has taken notice.

Because more people were alive to witness the Movie Indians make the World Series than the real Indians when they did it in 1948, there was a bit of groundswell for Sheen to throw out a first pitch during the Series. Sheen, of course, was eager for the attention.

But no offer was forthcoming, and that didn’t sit well with ol’ Charlie. Before he sent the below tweet, he must have been thinking, “The Indians are in the World Series and they didn’t ask me, The Most Important Person Ever, to be involved? For shame! Truly this will bring a curse down upon them!”

It doesn’t look like Sheen is in this photo, but we are going to guess that it’s just another part of impenetrable Sheen non-logic. As for the first pitch in Game 7 (since Cleveland did go on to lose Game 6), we’re sure they can do better than an actor who was born and raised in New York.