Chase Briscoe Took A Shortcut Through The Grass Then Spun Denny Hamlin In A Crazy Last Lap At Indy

NASCAR went to Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday to run the road course and what ensued was nothing short of sheer chaos. There were numerous wrecks in the same spot, as one of the curbs wrecked havoc on the field, at one point leading them to completely get rid of the curb after it caused this massive wreck that saw Joey Logano get sent into the tire wall inside the infield.

The good news was that the curbing that caused a bunch of wrecks was gone, but the bad news was there was another curb inside of that which had now been turned into a ramp, leading to a crash almost immediately after the red flag was lifted.

After another red flag, the race began again and on the restart, things got so bunched up that Chase Briscoe, running up front with Denny Hamlin, would be unable to make the turn and recognizing he was too wide, he decided to just drive straight through the grass like it’s Mario Kart. From there, he would let Hamlin get in front and then spun Denny, ending his chances at a win, while Briscoe had a penalty to serve himself for the grass detour.

Briscoe would then just pull off to try and serve his penalty on a different corner (which isn’t how that works) in what was truly one of the strangest final laps NASCAR has seen in years.

Briscoe would explain after that he thought he might get away with that maneuver initially, and that he didn’t wreck Hamlin purposefully which few were buying.

It was a wild scene that saw AJ Allmendinger pick up the shocking win and punch his ticket to the playoffs, but the talk of NASCAR will be about the disaster that was the final few laps of that race, from curb issues to Briscoe seemingly losing his mind on the last lap and completely swinging the race and some playoff dreams.