08.24.09 9 years ago 2 Comments

I’m not suggesting that anyone waste their time following the Redskins this preseason, because that’s exactly what it would be–a waste. That said, one of the more fascinating quarterback controversies is shaping up in DC, even though it’s for the No. 3 spot on Washington’s roster. Colt Brennan, the incumbent No. 3 whose job seems to be on the line as incoming rookie Chase Daniel puts together a fine preseason, including a TD pass in his preseason appearance Saturday.

Both men were interviewed by, of all people, Redskins Pro Bowl tight end Chris Cooley, who couldn’t jam a camera in Daniel’s face fast enough. The dichotomy of the two men is what stands out; Brennan seems resigned to his fate while Daniel treats Cooley like actual media, spewing canned sound bites and all. “We won! That’s what matters, right?” Uh, sure…Chase.

But the one thing to take away from all of this? “Colt” and “Chase” as first names sound kinda gay. via.

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