‘The Chase Is On’ Is The St. Louis Cardinals Playoff Song No One Asked For

As a St. Louis Cardinals fan, I don’t even have a decent response for this. I mean, I love fan-made sports team anthems in an ironic way, because 99% of songs and/or videos recorded for the sake of “supportin’ the team, bro” are typically unintentionally hilarious, but this one? I have no clue what was supposed to come of “The Chase is On.”

Maybe this was just intended to be an art house comedy viral video or something so terrible that people would spread it just as I am now, all while the two men responsible for the song would be sitting by and nodding in silent approval. Maybe this was a dicknosing on a James Franco level to support all of the baseball fans that have finally had it with the St. Louis Cardinals and their “Best Fans in Baseball,” and its true intention is to mock them by making it look like it was produced by actual Cardinals fans.

Or maybe they just wanted to support the team. Either way, ouch my ears.

(H/T to Drew)