A Disgusting Cheap Shot Led To A Brawl In Sunday’s Broncos-Titans Game

Stuff like this has no place in football. During Sunday’s game between Denver and Tennessee, Titans receiver Harry Douglas went low on Broncos defensive back Chris Harris. It was really bad, as Douglas seemed to deliberately take out Harris’ knee away from where the play was occurring. Harris was in obvious pain, but the good news was he was able to walk off the field.

Right after this play, Aqib Talib decided to stick up for his teammate by going after Douglas. The Titans handed the ball off to DeMarco Murray for a short gain on a third-and-2. On the other side of the play, Talib and Douglas got into it with one another on the sideline. The two were tangled up on the ground before several other players got involved in the shoving match. Talib and Douglas were eventually separated, but according to one reporter at the game, the two were really going at it with one another.

Harris ended up making his way back into the game, which is good, because this is the kind of hit that can sideline a guy for a long time and shred their knee. As for Douglas, well, he should probably expect a phone call from the league sometime this week about this hit.