These Girls Possibly Exposed A Cheating Wife Who Was Sexting While Sitting Next To Her Husband

This is about as nasty as it gets on social media.

Two women attending an Atlanta Braves game claim to have outed a cheating spouse seated in front of them. They tweeted out the ordeal after seeing the woman possibly sexting someone else.

This one’s tough. It might be fake, but these gals are doing their damnedest to prove it’s not. They even have video.

And this appears to be the most incriminating of all the images.

If you recall, this happened last year at a Detroit Lions game with somewhat similar details. That story ended up everywhere, including local news in Detroit. Sadly, it was not a hoax. It was all very, very true (I spoke to one of the people involved).

But, as always, our bullsh*t antennas are up. If this woman was sexting another man (or woman), why isn’t the phone tilted away from her husband? And how does she not notice the giggly girls behind them snapping pics right over her shoulder. Something stinks in suburbia.

What do you think?

(via BroBible)

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