Let’s Hope Greg Oden’s Half Brother Isn’t Completely Like Him

Joe Jones III is the son of a former college basketball player and half-brother of former NBA No. 1 draft pick and college star Greg Oden. He’s 6-foot-6 and wears a size 16 shoe, so naturally he’s considered to be at home on a basketball court and is expected to be a star one day. That’s because his doctor believes that he’ll grow to be at least 7-feet tall. But for now, he’ll have to settle for being the tallest 13-year old in all of Buffalo.

Known as “Baby Joe”, the youngest Jones and his father told Buffalo’s WIVB that despite his size and abilities, he didn’t want to play basketball until they went to a Detroit Pistons game to watch Oden play against them. Funny, I would have figured he’d make up his mind after seeing how much money Oden gets paid to not play basketball. (But seriously, get well soon, Greg.)

My favorite part of the interview, though, is when Baby Joe’s dad raves about his blocking ability. It’s a lot like David Beckham raving about his son’s ability to get laid.

Baby Joe’s game is still growing