Check Out The Trailer For Georgia Wide Receiver Chris Conley’s ‘Star Wars’ Film

When Georgia wide receiver and lifelong Star Wars fan Chris Conley took to Twitter to ask for help in organizing a campus lightsaber battle, I don’t think that anyone had a clue that it was going to end up looking like this. Earlier this week, Bulldogs coach Mark Richt Tweeted that the “trailer we’ve all been waiting for” had arrived, and it doesn’t reveal just some lightsaber battle that was made by a bunch of college kids in their bath robes with plastic kids toys. Instead, Conley has gone full-blown fan-made movie on our asses with Retribution, which features evil forces invading the University of Georgia, and only the bravest Jedi Knights (and Bulldogs) can stop them from taking over all of Athens.

It’s very safe to say that if and when Conley’s football career is over, he has a very bright future in Hollywood, because this trailer is incredibly impressive.

Retribution Trailer 1 from Retribution Movie on Vimeo.