Check Out This Brilliant Spoof Of The ‘Full House’ Theme Song From The San Francisco Giants

Professional teams rarely, if ever, produce laughter on social media. In general, it’s a combination of stats and scores with a side of “here’s all the wonderful things we’re doing for fans” and “hey, look at us, you guys, see how much we’re donating to charity.” It gets old, it gets tiresome, it gets very redundant.

Thankfully, the San Francisco Giants are here to mix it up a little. In this video, cleverly titled “Full Clubhouse,” the team spoofs the 1980s sitcom Full House. It’s all kinds of brilliant with cameos from Bruce Bochy, Brandon Crawford, Hunter Pence, and others.

According to the team’s special events calendar, the video is being used to headline “Full Clubhouse” night on September 30.

What happens when you combine the Giants and iconic San Francisco-based sitcom, Full House? “Full Clubhouse!” On this particular evening, various in-game entertainment elements will be themed around this iconic television series, giving fans the feeling that they are on the set of Full House! Your Special Event ticket package includes a ticket to the Wednesday evening game versus the Dodgers, and a collector’s-edition Giants/”Full Clubhouse” Snowglobe, featuring the famous “Painted Ladies” near Alamo Square! Make sure to bring out the whole family for a fun-filled afternoon celebrating one of television’s most popular shows – this time with a Giants-spin on it!

The Golden State Warriors got in on the action with this pic of Bob Saget in a warm-up. Today is a good day on the Internet.

By the way, the Full House reboot is coming to Netflix soon. It probably won’t be good.