A University’s ‘Do’s And Don’ts’ For Cheerleading Tryouts Did Not Go Over Well

A mini-scandal has hit the University of Washington after the Husky cheer and dance team published a flyer full of guidelines for audition success. The poster suggests “Do’s and Don’ts,” and many argue that these suggestions reinforce unrealistic standards of beauty. Among the recommendations are the requisite sporty physique, which is to be expected for the athletic requirements of the position.

However, folks don’t appreciate the suggestions of “girl about town lipstick” and “false lashes,” which are favored over “nude lips.” Also, ponytails on these cheerleaders will not do. One must doll up the hair with volume, which seems awfully counterproductive to dancing and acrobatics. The no-tattoo requirement seems archaic at best, but the college probably finds ink to be trashy. The blonde, tanned model in the flyer appears as the stereotypical, movie-star idea of a cheerleader, and that’s why people are so upset.

The university has since pulled this flyer and scrubbed its existence online, but of course, the internet will not forget (soon). Twitter’s still reeling from the backlash, and it sounds like a lesson shall be learned by all.

(Via Seattle Times)